Skin peel

PRX-T33 peel

PRX-T 33

PRX-T33 is a facial peel treatment which has a special innovative formula that combines the positive effects of these three components into one product: 33% TRICHLOROACETIC ACID (TCA), HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (H,O,) and 5% KOJIC ACID.

It stimulates skin without damaging the outer layer, leading to a fresher and more youthful complexion. One of its significant advantages is that it provides immediate results, without the common side effects associated with traditional peels, such as bruising or redness.

Also it is suitable for face and body.

PRX-T33 case studies

Reverse peel

Reverse peel

Reverse peel is especially designed for melasma which shouldn’t be treated by laser or IPL; in addition it acts as a specialized treatment for skin whitening and tone correction.

It’s effective against melasma by using hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid to penetrate deeply into the skin to act on the dermis. It also includes high-concentrated lactic acid and hydroxy acids to enhance skin brightness.

Reverse peel
Reverse peel

Reverse peel case studies

Those who cannot get face peel

  • Sun tanned/Usingsun beds or fake sun tan in the last 3-4 weeks or any holidays planned 3-4 weeks after the treatment
  • Pregnant/planning pregnancy/breast feeding
  • Current dermatological disease on the treatment area(singles/cold sore, dermatitis, skin cancer, vitiligo, psoriasis etc.)
  • Had any other facial treatment in the last 4 weeks(Botox, filler, IPL, Laser, etc.)