We have one of the latest IPL devices, Stellar M22 from Lumenis.

Stellar M22 is a treatment that improves various skin problems at once by irradiating the entire face with intense pulsed light (“IPL”). It acts on and improves the melanin pigment that causes spots and freckles, while also working on the dermis to increase collagen production and improve texture of the skin. The whole face is brightened, transparency is improved and the treatment results in improved firmness and elasticity.

It is approved by the FDA in the US and it is also used by in the NHS in the UK.

The cooling function has been strengthened, meaning the pain during treatment is materially reduced. There is no downtime, so you can make up and go home immediately after treatment.

Effective for:
・Freckles and blemishes including sun spots/age spots
・Telangiectasia (capilliaries)
・Enlarged pores
・Fine wrinkles

Mechanism of Stellar M22

When the light of Stellar M22 IPL hits a target (melanin, hair vessels, hair root), the light energy is absorbed by the target, turns into heat, and destroys it.

The light of Stellar M22 IPL reacts only with the target, so it works only on the troubled area without damaging surrounding skin. Its range of filters are designed to penetrate the lower layers of the skin without injuring the outer layers.

As Stella M22 IPL contains infrared light it also activates fibroblasts and creates beautiful skin from the inside.

At our clinic, with the Stellar M22 device, we will choose the best filter out of 9 wavelengths according based on each individual’s skin concerns.

Stellar M22 case studies

Those who cannot get IPL treatment:

  • Sun tanned/Usingsun beds or fake sun tan in the last 3-4 weeks or any holidays planned 3-4 weeks after the treatment
  • Pregnant/planning pregnancy/breast feeding
  • Epilepsy
  • Currently receiving treatment for cancer
  • Photosensitive conditions
  • Current dermatological disease on the treatment area(singles/cold sore, dermatitis, skin cancer, vitiligo, psoriasis etc.)
  • Had any other facial treatment inc. peeing in the last 4 weeks(Botox, filler, IPL, Laser, etc.)
  • Melasma(If you are not sure, we will examine in the consultation.)