Aesthetic clinic by a dermatologist
qualified in Japan

Dr Maki Aesthetic Clinic offers the unique opportunity to receive a range of aesthetic treatments by a specialist certified by the Japanese Dermatological Association.

Dr Maki’s extensive experience allows her to clearly identify specific skin conditions to help formulate the best treatment plan for you.
You can receive beauty treatments with peace of mind, to the high standards we set in Japan, and live life with beautiful skin every day.

Dr. Maki Obo a dermatologist qualified in Japan

After graduating from Toyama medical university in Japan, I had resident training in Osaka National Hospital.
I spent my early career working in Osaka National Hospital treating skin cancer, dermatitis, autoimmune disease and other skin conditions and performing surgery including skin tumour removal and reconstruction.
I subsequently practised aesthetic dermatology in a private clinic in Osaka.
I have been living in London since 2016.